About Us


Since 1986, when Central Office Intergroup District 17 – the local central office – was formed, it has been managed by and financially supported by the contributions of A.A. groups in Marion County. The Intergroup District 17 office “carries the message” in ways that single groups, acting alone, might find difficult.

What does Central Office (Intergroup 17) do?

  • Operates a 5 day-a-week office with a phone desk manned by AA members. Volunteers with one year+ of sobriety are needed.
  • Volunteers answer the phone during the hours the office is closed (from 5:00 p.m. until 10 a.m.)
  • Conducts social events, including dances, holiday parties & outdoor recreational activities.
  • Publishes the When & Where, the weekly meeting schedule of AA groups.
  • Publishes The Voice the monthly newsletter of information and activities.
  • Sells A.A. Conference Approved literature, CDs, DVDs, and other related merchandise.

But the strength of Alcoholics Anonymous is communication between two or more alcoholics. This, then, is the most important part of Intergroup’s purpose – the sharing of information, of suggesting direction, of providing help, of being available.

Weekdays from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. (excluding certain holidays) there is a volunteer in the office. Typically, this is a person with at least one year of sobriety who has good knowledge of A.A., including the Twelve Steps and Twelve Traditions. He or she responds to telephone inquiries and visitors, providing answers to a range of questions – from the simple “Where is there a meeting tonight?” to “My son is a heavy drinker. What can I do?” A call may be from one who is drunk and is seeking help, or from someone who wants A.A. members to visit him at his or her home. The office person can direct an A.A. member to contact such individuals and to respond to their needs as appropriate.

Office personnel have directories which enable them to provide information on the alcohol treatment programs available in Marion County. They can provide location and telephone numbers of other Intergroup / Central offices within the US, Canada, and Internationally.The office volunteer can discuss and explain the A.A. program to those not familiar with it. During hours when the office is not attended, A.A. members answer the phone.

Intergroup District 17, Inc. Constitution and By-Laws